Adam Karnas

Brooklyn based product designer working for Oscar Health.


At Oscar, my team is tackling some of the biggest problems in healthcare. We champion a research driven approach rooted in deep service design thinking. Before Oscar, I worked with some very smart people at Motorola SolutionsMandiant, and New Balance.

My process is fueled by time spent as an industrial designer, traveler, triathlete, drummer, and my passion for leading teams that tackle gnarly, systemic problems. Molds have never been my thing and today I'm playing equal parts designer, researcher, and product manager. 


Recent work


Oscar Health

Oscar is a health insurance startup that was founded on the premise that people can get better care and save money by partnering with their insurer. Oscar aims to do this by providing a world class member experience powered by great apps, customer service, and access to top notch doctors.  

Since I began in 2014, my team has researched, designed, and launched a CRM, telemedicine platform, a robust healthcare search engine, physician tools including an electronic medical records system, countless customer service tools, appointment scheduling, and more recently, a new look at personalized doctor profiles.

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Scenedoc is a trusted leader in public safety software. Their tools provide an unprecedented level of  situational awareness through the simple sharing of observations, tips, and evidence.

With a massive product launch on the horizon, I partnered with Scenedoc to improve their suite of product's overall UX by making calculated changes to the information architecture, accessibility improvements to their look and feel, and a standardized way of designing new features within these new frameworks.

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Drummers on a budget will tell you that one of the most annoying things about practicing is that a typical set headphones, while protecting your ears, cut out all the necessary frequencies needed to “feel” the drums that they are playing. Without an expensive rig of drum mics and mixer, most players will succumb to injuries characterized by overplaying.

Toca leverages the iPhone’s microphone and a set of predefined EQs to pass a small microphone signal, along with the music, to the musician. Toca has been a labor of love and should see the light of day toward the end of 2017.

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